Xor Virap

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Xor VirapAn architectural monument, XVII century., The monastery – the fortress, situated on a hill near the village of Vedi, Ararat region Pokr. In the old days there was a historical city of Artashat, one of the ancient capitals of Armenia. Instead of the now defunct fortress-monastery, there was a royal prison. Virap (in Armenian – pit), it is filled with poisonous snakes and insects deep pit, where the cast of convicted prisoners. In the chronicles the famous Armenian historian Agatangegosa here bore his sufferings Gregory the Illuminator – the founder of the adoption hristyanstva in Armenia (301). In 642, the Catholicos Nerses he built a chapel, which was made of white limestone. The Chapel in its space – the space physique resembled a temple Zvartnots was subsequently destroyed. Instead, in 1662 built our current church, St. Astvatsatsin (XVII cent.) To which the west side adjacent belfry. Located in a complex Xor Virap pit – prison, which was G. Illuminator has a diameter of 4,4 meters and height of 6m. In the monastery of Khor Virap located Seminary. From the monastery, because of the special closeness, opens a wonderful view of the biblical Mount Ararat.

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